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Friday 15th January 2021 lessons

Literacy lesson 5

Have a go at reading the story 'What would we do without Missus Mac' on the PowerPoint below.

Then watch the video below for the 5th lesson.

Literacy lesson 5- Friday 15th January 2021

To write sentences that tell a story.

Phonics Lesson 5 – Friday 15th Jan

  1. Watch the Alphablocks video below.  They’re spelling the same sound in lots of different ways: oa, oe and o_e
  2. Play Obb and Bob on the link below

Click on o-e.

Sort the words and decide if they are real or fake.

You could practise some of the other sounds on this game too!

Alphablocks : Home - Series 4 - Episode 08

Educational fun. O has the most extraordinary day ever, with a goat on a boat, a mole in a hole and a magic golden discovery.This episode introduces the long...

Maths Lesson 5 15th January – Adding Practice Game

Play with a partner if you can.

Get your number cards from 0 – 9.

Choose 2 cards each.  What’s the best way to add your two numbers together?  Who has the most?  Score a point if you have the greatest number.  If you have made the same number, you both score a point.  Who will win after 5 goes? Who can add up the quickest? You could challenge yourself by using bigger numbers too.

P.E. lesson 1

You can also have a go at Joe Wicks P.E. sessions too.

Thursday 14th January 2021 lessons

Literacy lesson 4

Watch the story video again from Monday to remind you of the story.

Then watch the video below for the fourth lesson.

Literacy lesson 4 Thursday 14th January 2021

To write questions using question marks.

Phonics Lesson 4 – Thursday 14th Jan

o_e (Spilt digraph) as in ‘Phone home’

  1. Watch the video below: (There are a few sounds at the start of the video that we haven’t done yet – don’t worry!)
  2. Read and spell these words:

bone, home, alone, those, stone, woke, note, explode, envelope

3. Write a sentence with some of these words in.  Challenge: extend your sentence with and, but or because.

Phonics o_e phone home

A short phonics lesson on o_e phone home

Maths lesson 4

  1. Watch the video below.  Complete the rest of the sheet from yesterday. (Questions 5 and 6)

Spring1.2.4 - Add ones using number bonds

This is "Spring1.2.4 - Add ones using number bonds" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths Extra Challenge:


True or False?

14 + 5 = 18

Can you draw a number line or some counters to prove it?

Can you explain it out loud to an adult?

PSHE Lesson 1

Video outlining the PowerPoint and tasks.

Wednesday 13th January 2021 lessons

Literacy lesson 3

Watch the story video again from Monday to remind you of the story.

Then watch the video below for the third lesson.

Lesson 3

Using 'and' to make clever sentences.

Phonics Lesson 3 – Wed 13th Jan

i_e (Split digraph) as in ‘Nice smile!’ J

  1. Watch the video:
  2. Read these sentences.  Watch out for the same sound written as igh.

You have got a nice bright smile.

The time was right.

The prize was a nice sight.

3. Can you think of any other words with the igh, ie or i_e sound in?  Make a list in your neatest handwriting.

Phonics - i_e nice smile

A short phonics session on i_e ( I actually forget to put the nice smile card back in the pack on this one!)

Maths Lesson 3 13th January – Using Number Bonds to Add

  1. Save the Whale (number bonds to 10 game) click on the link below Choose the correct water pipe to make 10 and save the whale!
  2. Watch the video below.

Then complete questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (You’ll finish the rest tomorrow!) on the worksheet from your pack (I've attached a copy below also).

Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds

This is "Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Worksheet (It is in your pack given out also)

Topic lesson 3- R.E. Lesson 2- Special Places

Video explaining PowerPoint and task lesson 2.

Tuesday 12th January 2021 lessons

Literacy lesson 2

Watch the story video again from yesterday to remind you of the story.

Then watch the video below for the second lesson.

Literacy Lesson 2- 12.1.2021

What is an adjective and how to use them in a sentence.

Phonics Lesson 2 – Tuesday 12th January

ie sound as in ‘a tie in a pie’

  1. Watch the video (Below): 

Geraldine the Giraffe found objects at home with the ie sound in their names. 

2. Can you read and spell these words too?  Ask an adult to help you by telling you which one to spell without looking!

pie   cried   tried   replied   lie   fried    denied   tied   spied           

3. Write a sentence with some of the words in.  Remember capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop! Challenge: extend your sentence with and, but or because.

E.g. The little boy cried because he hurt his toe.  

I ate an apple pie but I didn’t have custard. 

She tied the kite on the string and flew it high in the air. 


Don't forget Phonics Play is currently free. It has games and activities suitable for our learners.

Username: jan21

Password: home

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ie/ in pie

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Maths  Lesson 2 12th January –

Add by counting on

Watch the video below and complete the worksheet as you go along


Spring1.2.2 - Add by counting on

This is "Spring1.2.2 - Add by counting on" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths extra challenge

R.E. Lesson 1- Special Places

This video explains the PowerPoint and task.

Monday 11th January 2021 lessons
Literacy lesson 1 Monday 11th January 2021

Listen the story ready for lesson 1- What would we do without Missus Mac?

The story of What would we do without Missus Mac? being read aloud.

Literacy Lesson 1 Monday 11th January 2021

Here is how to write a list.

Phonics lessons for the week 11-15 Jan 2021

Maths lessons for the week 11-15 Jan 2021

Topic Lesson 1. People who help us. Monday 11th January 2021

Video of the PowerPoint of people who help us and an explanation of the task.

Hello from Miss Harvey

Hello from Miss Harvey

Daily timetable for home learning in Year One


Phonics (video)

Join in with the sound work just the way you would at school.

Story activity (video)

Each day complete the writing activity linked to the story of the week


20 minutes



40 minutes            


Each day there will be a video posted to help you learn more about the week’s maths concept. Watch the video and complete the activity.

If you have time left, use the links to the online maths games or the maths games on the class web pages to help you keep your maths skills sharp!


60 minutes


Our topic this half term is People Who Help Us. We will be learning about people who help us stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy, famous people who have helped others and also how we can help people too.

On three days each week watch the topic video and follow the web links, then try the topic activity.


60 minutes


On two days each week, get active for an hour! This will help you stay healthy during lock down. You can follow the Joe Wicks links on the class web pages.


60 minutes


Take time each day to read to yourself or to a grown up. You can read books or magazines that you have at home, or you can read books on the Oxford Owl website. It’s free to join!



15 minutes


It’s really important to keep learning and keep active. I’ll phone once a week to ask you how you are and find out how your learning is going. Have fun, work hard and stay safe!

This is a link to a brilliant reading site called Oxford Owls.

You will need to make an account, but they are easy to do and completely free!

This is a guide how to use Oxford Owl reading.

Click here to join in with Joe Wicks P.E. Lesson. Can you get an adult to join in with you?

Literacy tasks Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6-8th Jan 2021

Phonics tasks Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6-8th Jan 2021


Welcome to Year 1 and 1H Crickets class

Welcome to 1H Crickets


Class teacher: Miss Harvey

Teaching Assistants: Miss Platts, Miss McLean, Mrs Ali, Mrs Coley and Miss Pryor


School starts for Year 1 children at 8.50am and finishes at 3.05pm.

Staff will be on the playground to receive children in the morning and we ask parents to leave the school immediately after dropping off their children, thus reducing the risks.


The topics we are covering this year are-

Autumn 1 – Recovery curriculum and Where we live

Autumn 2 - Whatever the weather

Spring 1 - People who help us

Spring 2 - Meerkat and friends

Summer 1 - On the move

Summer 2 - Beasties, bugs and beetles including dinosaurs


Please check regularly, as we shall be updating the pages with more information about life and learning in Year 1.



This term our topic is called “Weather including seasons, light and dark and plants”. We will be finding out about different types of weather, the four seasons, producers of light and what dark means and about parts of a plant.


 This topic includes


  • looking at maps of the UK and identifying the capital cities of the 4 parts of the UK.
  • learning about differnt parts of plants and their features.
  • Learning about light and dark including what darkness means.
  • Finding out about different weather.



In numeracy we are focussing on


  • counting and understanding numbers
  • addition and subtraction facts
  • 2D shapes
  • 3D shapes
  • patterns and sequences
  • number bonds to 10 and 20



In literacy we will be


  • using our sounds to write words
  • writing simple sentences with finger spaces, capital letters and full stops
  • Using adjectives in our writing
  • using conjunctions like 'and' to join sentences
  • reading lots of stories and non-fiction
  • retelling our favourite stories in different ways



Check the classroom door for notices and information that you will find useful!




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