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School Values

Our Aims and Ethos


At Merrydale Infant School we encourage children to:


•        Achieve their full potential

•        Develop lively, enquiring minds

•        Develop moral values and respect for others and the environment

•        Express their thoughts and feelings

•        Be able to work independently and collaboratively

•        Persevere and be self-motivated

•        Acquire knowledge and skills to be able to succeed in life

•        Have a high sense of worth



Merrydale School Ethos


At Merrydale Infant School we are committed to provide a stimulating and caring learning environment to ensure our children achieve their highest potential to be successful in life.  Excellence in learning is supported by developing moral values and respect through a variety of differing experiences, including those beyond the local school community.



Ofsted March 2017 praised the school for its hard work and commitment. Here are a few of their headline comments:


     This is a good school

  • The headteacher provides clear leadership and direction, whilst being approachable and supportive. This approach has helped to establish a school that is valued by parents, appreciated by staff and where pupils feel safe and happy. 
  • Pupils like coming to school. They behave well and are eager to learn. 
  • The governing body provides strong support for school leaders and has a good range of skills and experience.
  • Senior staff provide strong support for the headteacher. They are working well together to improve and develop teaching further. 
  • Lessons are planned well and teaching assistants often make a strong contribution to learning.
  • Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are making consistently good progress and they receive good support.
  • Pupils who speak English as an additional language are making rapid progress in learning English and they do well at school.
  • The school promotes British values strongly. The strong ethos of the school helps pupils from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures to get on well with each other.
  • Pupils are developing secure skills in mathematics and can perform a wide range of calculations with confidence.
  • Pupils are increasingly skilled at sounding out letters and phrases accurately. This aspect of learning has improved significantly over the last three years because leaders have introduced new and effective systems
  • The children in the Nursery and Reception classes settle quickly into the well-organised routines for their day.
  • The children in the Nursery and Reception classes understand the importance of good behaviour. They are making good progress, especially in their understanding and use of letters and numbers.


Mr M. Tipple-Johnson



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